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XOUL Extreme Frozen Mask 10ea (1 box)


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XOUL Extreme Frozen Mask Pack soothes and calms your skin using Snow Ice 4 Complex* ingredients. This cooling mask lowers the skin’s temperature by up to 7 degrees celsius after 3-4 minutes of application. It is best for refreshing your skin after exposure to indoor heating, on a hot day, after exercise or sun exposure. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

<How to use>

Apply mask pads on desired area. You should feel the cooling effect after 3-4 minutes. Remove mask pads after 10-20 minutes.

<When to use>

  • Need to cool down the heated skin temperature
  • Need to calm a skin immediately


It is not required to keep a mask in a refrigerator for a cooling effect. You should feel the cooling after 3-4 minutes. 

Country of Origin: South Korea